Group MF2 - Fluorination and Fluorinated Materials

Leader: Katia Guérin

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Research topics

  • Synthesis and functionnalization in fluorinated atmosphere of inorganic (nano)fluorides and fluorinated (nano)carbons
  • Applications of fluorinated materials for energy strorage, lubrication, nanocomposites (fluorinated nanofillers)
  • Surface treatment using fluorination (tribology, (super)hydrophobicity, barrier properties, adhesion, printabilility, …)
  • Synthesis of materials for gas sensors
  • Chemistry of uranium hexafluoride and mixed valence oxyfluorides


  • Chimie du fluor, synthèses sous atmosphère(s) fluorée(s) et par voie solide
  • Chemistry of (oxy)fluorides
  • Chimie des fluorures d’Uranium
  • Traitements et modifications de surface
  • Caractérisation des matériaux fluorés (DRX, RMN du solide, Raman, …)
  • Stucturation at the nanoscale of fluorides (gas/solid route, hydrothermal, microemulsion, …)

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