MI Research Team - Inorganic Materials

Leader: Prof. Marc Dubois

Research subjects

The Inorganic Materials (MI) research team is divided in four groups: « Materials, Plasmas Processes », « Light Materials », « Lamellar Double Hydroxydes » et « Fluorination and Fluorinated Materials ».

Thanks to the versatility of its synthesis processes (gas/solid fluorination, cold plasma, and soft chemistry (nanostructuring)), the adaptability and diversity of materials (LDH, luminescent materials, fluorinated materials, (nano)composites), the MI team positions itself on topics with strong societal challenges such as energy storage and management, energy-efficient lighting, depollution, and reducing the environmental impact of processes.

Support & Research Staff

Collaborations & Partnerships

Here is a sample of the different collaborators and partners of the Inorganic Chemistry (MI) team.