BIOMETA Research Team - Biocatalysis and Metabolism

Leader: Prof. Thierry Gefflaut

Research subjects

The impact of chemistry on the environment is a major problem. However actions are possible at different levels, upstream on synthesis processes and downstream on biodegradation studies. The projects of BIOMETA "BIOcatalysis and METAbolism" are developed in two directions and are based on our interfacial expertise in chemistry/biology. These projects relate to studies of isolated enzymes and their applications in biocatalysis, and to microbial communities and the impact of their metabolism on the environment. We use common tools, methods and instruments in microbiology and analytical chemistry, from microbial cultures to the production of enzymes and to the design of robotized enzymatic tests. We develop original and innovative projects, some of which remain little explored.

The research projects relate to two major themes:


BIOCATalysis METAbolism