Fluorinated materials for energy storage

  • New strategies of synthesis in fluorine atmosphere to obtain efficient electrode materials for electrochemical energy storage.
  • Fluorinated carbons and nanocarbons as electrode materials for primary lithium batteries
  • Metallic fluorides and oxifluorides as electrode materials for secondary lihtium ions batteries
  • Nanostructuration of fluorides and oxifluorides
  • Carbide derived carbons obtained by fluorination used in supercapacitors

Fluorination and surface treatment

  • Understanding of the fluorination mechanisms according to the reactive species
  • Fluorination of carbonaceous materials for tribology
  • Fluorination of graphene, carbon nanotubes, nanofibres and nanodiscs
  • Preparation of fluorinated nanocarbon/polymer composites
  • Surface treatment of polymers to reach multifunctionality (hydrophobicity, gas barrier for CO2, O2 and water, antibacterial, …)
  • Stabilization of fluorinated nanocarbon dispersions in ionic liquids

Gas sensors

  • Functionalization of carbonaceous nanomaterials for use as filtering structure or as active materials in gas microsensors.

Chemistry of uranium fluorides and oxyfluorides

  • Chemistry of mixed valence uranium oxyfluorides

 Research Joint Laboratory « Fluorine chemistry» UBP/CNRS/COMURHEX

  • Purification of uranium hexafluoride UF6
  • UF6/solid interactions
  • Study of the corrosion in gaseous and liquid UF6