Synthesis of fluorinated materials

Synthesis in fluorinated atmosphere:

  • F2(g)
  • HF(g), aqueous HF
  • Solid fluorinated reagents (TbF4, XeF2, …)
  • Under UF6 atmosphere

Functionalization using fluorine:

  • Surface treatment of commercial polymers and carbonaceous nanomaterials
  • Functionalization of commercial polymers
  • Synthesis of fluorinated graphene and fluorinated nanofillers

Electrochemical exfoliation of graphite fluorides

Syntheses with solid and liquid routes:

  • Hydrothermal and microemulsion methods

Study of the structure of fluorinated materials

Crystal chemistry of fluoride:

  • Chemistry of fluorophosphates, terbium fluorides, uranium fluorides and oxyfluorides
  • Syntheses and characterization of fluorides and mixed valence oxyfluorides

Characterization of fluorinated materials:

  • X-ray diffraction with single crystals and powders
  • Raman spectroscopy
  • Solid state nuclear magnetic resonance (19F, 13C, 1H, …) and Electron paramagnetic resonance
  • N2 adsorption

Evaluation of the applicative properties of fluorinated materials

  • Evaluation of the electrochemical performances in lithium batteries (galvanostatic cycling at various temperatures, cyclic voltamperometry, EIS, in situ XRD- electrochemistry, raman-electrochemistry, ESR-electrochemistry)
  • Wettability (superhydrophobicity, printability, adhesion)
  • Interaction with solvents, ionic liquides , polymers
  • Capacities of filtration/sensibility to polluting gas -Evaluation of the tribological performances (sliding tests at temperatures in between RT and 400°C under controlled amount of humidity)

Chemistry of gaseous, liquid and solid uranium fluorides

  • Adsorption of gaseous fluorides
  • Syntheses and characterization of uranium fluorides and mixed valence oxyfluorides