Enzyme and receptor inhibitors group

Group Leader: Pascale Moreau

Research subject

Our research interests mainly focus on the design, synthesis and biological evaluation of heteroaromatic compounds that inhibit kinases involved in cancer, neurodegenerative diseases or pain. In these projects we develop ATP-competitive inhibitors of kinases (CDK, Pim, Dyrk1A…). The design and synthesis of new compounds are carried on in our lab while biological evaluations are performed in collaboration with biologist teams.

Research topics

  • Organic synthesis (design, methodology, structural characterization), compounds of biological interest (antitumor, antiparasitic, neurodegenerative diseases, pain).
  • Heteroaromatics: indoles, indazoles, quinoline , aminopyrimidines…
  • Molecular Modelling.


  • University of Bergen, Norway: Study of the potency of the prepared compounds toward Acute Myeloid Leukemia.
  • Blokhin Cancer Center, Moscow, Russian Federation: DNA interactions, antiproliferative activities.
  • Station Biologique de Roscoff (France): Study of the potency/selectivity of the prepared compounds to inhibit different kinases.
  • University of Turku, Finland: Study of the Pim-1 kinase function.
  • Oxford University, Angleterre: Crystallographic studies.
  • Laboratoire Neuro-Dol, UMR INSERM 1107, Université Clermont Auvergne: evaluation of analgesic effect on animal models.


  • Institut National du Cancer, Plan Cancer PCSI (2019-2021): Synthesis and biological evaluation of specific Haspin inhibitors for the development of new anticancer therapies, coordinator Pascale Moreau.
  • Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Pack Ambition International (2020): Selective cytotoxic agents for the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia, coordinator Fabrice Anizon.
  • Ligue Contre le Cancer – Comité Auvergne (2019): Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of specific haspin inhibitors for the development of novel anti-cancer therapies, coordinator Pascale Moreau.
  • Programme Nouveau Chercheur, région Auvergne (2014-2016): Design and Synthesis of Dyrk1A inhibitors, coordinator F. Giraud.
  • PEPS de site Clermont-Ferrand (2015/2016): Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of PKCγ inhibitors for the study and treatment of mechanical allodynia, coordinator F. Anizon.


Recent publications

  • A. Visseq, A. Descheemaeker, N. Pinto-Pardo, L. Nauton, V. Théry, F. Giraud, I. Abrunhosa-Thomas, A. Artola, F. Anizon, R. Dallel, P. Moreau. Pyridin-2(1H)one derivatives: a possible new class of therapeutics for mechanical allodynia. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, in press, doi: 10.1016/j.ejmech.2019.111917
  • N. M. Brikci-Nigassa, L. Nauton, P. Moreau, O. Mongin, R. E. Duval, L. Picot, V. Thiéry, M. Souab, B. Baratte, S. Ruchaud, S. Bach, R. Le Guevel, G. Bentabed-Ababsa, W. Erb, T. Roisnel, V. Dorcet, F. Mongin Functionalization of 9-thioxanthone at the 1-position: From arylamino derivatives to [1]benzo(thio)pyrano[4,3,2-de]benzothieno[2,3-b]quinolines of biological interest. Bioorganic Chemistry, in press, doi: 10.1016/j.bioorg.2019.103347
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