Photoageing units

SEPAP 12/24 (Atlas)
SEPAP MHE & MHE+ (Ametek)

LED photoageing unit


Vacuum ovens VD23 (Binder) & 45001 (Bioblock Scientific)
Natural convection ovens UN55+ (Memmert)
Forced convection ovens UF30 (Memmert) & FD (Binder)

Chemical treatments and extractions

Chemical treatments (SF4, NH3, 2,4-DNPH, NO)


FTIR spectrometers Nicolet 6700 (Thermo Scientific)

Accessory: FTIR microscope Nicolet Continuµm (Thermo Scientific)

FTIR spectrometers Nicolet IS10 (Thermo Scientific)

Accessory: SMART OMNI-SAMPLER (Thermo Scientific)

FTIR spectrometers Nicolet 380 (Thermo Scientific)

Accessories: Diamond ATR modulus Smart Orbit (Thermo Scientific), Diamond ATR modulus (Specac), High temperature chamber (Specac)

UV-visible spectrophotometer UV2600 (Shimadzu)

Accessory: Integration sphere ISR-2600 (Shimadzu)

Thermo-mechanical analysis

DSC 3+ & 822 (Mettler Toledo)

Option: Photo-DSC, modulated DSC TOPEM (Mettler Toledo)

DMTA Q800 (TA)
Microhardness tester HMV (Shimadzu)

Surface analysis

Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM) Innova (Bruker) & Multimode (Bruker)

Options: Thermal analysis with VITA mode (Bruker), temperature (-40 à 300 °C) and atmosphere (N2, O2, Ar...) control

Profilometer Alpha Step IQ (KLA Tencor)


8300 Oxygen Permeameter Analyser (Systech Illinois)
Dynamic Vapour Sorption (DVS) IGASorp (Hiden Isochema)

Size exclusion chromatography

Size exclusion chromatography with quadruple detection

Other equipments

Spin coater G3P-8 Spincoat (Speciality Coating Systems)
Bar coater Coatmaster 509 MC (ERICHSEN)
Micro-extruding unit HAAKE MiniLab (Thermo Scientific)