28 February 2017: Deadline extension

20 january 2017 : Doctoral Evening

Alexander Lowe received his doctoral scarf by his thesis directors during a ceremony organized at the Opera of Clermont-Ferrand, Friday 20th january.
12 december 2016 : Alexander Lowe Defense

Alexander Lowe defended his PhD thesis the 12th december at 10H00 am. After his presentation, and some questions, the jury The jury awarded him the title of Doctor of the University Blaise Pascal.

Members of the jury :
  • Pr Christophe COQUELET, full Profesor (CTP, Mines ParisTech’), president of the jury;
  • Dr Aline AUROUX, Research Director Emeritus (Ircelyon), reviewer;
  • Dr Ilahm MOKBEL, associate Professor (Univ. Claude Bernard), reviewer;
  • Dr Denis LOURDIN, Research Director (INRA Nantes), Examiner.

August 2016 : first Announcement : CETCCUS

The CO2 group, in collaboration with John Carroll (GLE) and Alice Wu (STC), are organizing an international conference from 24 to 27 September 2017: "Cutting-Edge Technology for CO2 Capture, Utilization and Storage", CETCCUS.

13-15 june 2016 : Meeting ANR/NSERC DACOOTA

The fourth meeting of ANR / NSERC DACOOTA project took place in Clermont-Ferrand from 13 to 15 June. On this occasion, John Carroll (Director of the Department of Process Engineering Geostorage liquid Gas engineering company in Canada) and Peter Tremaine (Professor, Dpt Chemistry, University of Guelph, ON) made the trip. We had the pleasure of hearing a lecture by John Carroll on June 15 as part of the chemical cycle of conferences, whose title was : "what are gas hydrates and what are they doing in my pipelines".

16-17 juin 2016 : Launch meeting ANR/NSERC SiModEx

The launch meeting of the ANR SiModEx took place the 16th and 17th of June in the presence of Pr William Smith (University of Guelph, CA) and Dr.Eng. John Carroll (liquids Gas Engineering, Calgary, CA). We add the chance to also receive Linda Oukacine, special assistant to the ANR, who presented the expectations of the ANR on this project.

October 2015 : Validation of the ANR / NSERC SiModEx

The international project between France and Canada named SiModEx ( To understand CO2 capture processes : a combination of reactive Molecular Simulation, thermodynamic models and Experimental measurements) driven by Karine Ballerat - Busserolles for the ANR and William Smith NSERC to start early in 2016 .

This ANR concerns a coupling of experimental measurements , classical thermodynamic models and molecular simulation monte carlo reactive to understand the processes involved in the gas dissolution and especially CO2 in aqueous solutions of secondary alkanolamines .

A thesis on this offer will be filed on the site shortly.

12-15 May 2015 : 3rd meeting of project DACOOTA

the third annual meeting of the ANR project DACOOTA was held in Canada in May 2015. It took place in two stages:
  • University of Guelph, in the laboratory of Professor Tremaine ;
  • in Calgary, in the offices of Gas Liquids Engineering ( John Carroll ) . At this occasion, we had the opportunity to visit the laboratory ASRL ( Alberta Sulphur Research Ldt ) Dr. Robert Marriott was introduced to us.

April 10, 2015 : thematic journey on ad/ab sorption of gases; thermodynamic challenges

The group organised jointly with CALNESIS a journey of the Thermodynamics thematic working group of French society of engineering process. During this day, different presentation were given both by industrials and academics on this very challenging topic.

12-14 may 2014 : 2d meeting for the project DACOOTA

the second meeting for the ANR DACOOTA will take place in Clermont-Ferrand. Dr John Carroll (director of Geostorage Process Engineering department in Gas liquid engineering Ltd in Canada) and Peter Tremaine (Professor, Dpt Chemistry, University of Guelph, ON) will visit our lab. They will both give a talk.

12 may 2014 at 11H00 : John Carroll "The Three Sister : Acid Gas Injection, Carbon Capture and Sequestration, and CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery".

14 may 2014 at 11H00 : Peter Tremaine "D2O isotope effects on acid base ionization in high temperature water".